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Internship for Credit


An internship is a career-related, educational, work experience in which a student takes on a role as a worker in an organization.  Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, the chance to “test” various careers and work environments, the opportunity to identify and develop career-related skills and abilities, and provide a chance to connect with professionals for future networking. The experience is intended to help prepare students for a career by adding to their resumes and expanding their knowledge beyond the classroom.  It is expected that proposed internships be related to a student’s academic major with an opportunity to apply what has been learned in major coursework. Internships enable students to gain appropriate work experience prior to graduation in support of their career or educational goals after graduation. 

Note: Internships are “work experience.”  The position a student holds to gain this work experience may not be called an “internship” and most are not.  From the employer’s perspective most of these positions are considered part-time and are titled as any other employment opportunity.


Academic Guidelines for Internship Credit

ATMOSSC 4191 /GEOG 4191 provides students with the opportunity to enhance and deepen their paid internship experience through reflections on their workplaces, their role in those workplaces, the relation between their coursework in Geography and their professional work experience, and the potential for their internship to serve as a stepping-stone towards a career. Students complete written assignments that guide them through reflections on their internship experience in relation to their major coursework in Geography and to their values and career goals.

The organization where the student is interning is required to complete a final performance evaluation for the Department of Geography.

  • Students can earn 1-5 credit hours for their experience; 1 credit hour = 50 hours of work. Students in Geographic Information Sciences enrolling in GEOG 4191 must take a minimum of 3 credit hours to earn credit towards the major. 
  • Internships for credit are normally paid, although exceptions can be made with permission from the professor. 
  • Hours must be completed within the semester of enrollment for ATMOSSC 4191 or GEOG 4191.
  • Students must have completed 12 credit hours within their major before they can enroll in ATMOSSC 4191 or GEOG 4191.
  • The course is graded on a S/U basis.  A satisfactory grade requires the completion of all assignments and a report submitted by the supervisor at the end of the internship.
  • Students can enroll in GEOG/ATMOSSC 4191 multiples times on the condition that the workplace/employer differs. Students in the Geographic Information Sciences Major can enroll in GEOG 4191 once for credit towards the major.
  • Enrollment in GEOG/ATMOSSC 4191 is for a single internship. Multiple internships cannot be combined to meet the hours requirement. 


Process to Enroll

Students seeking to enroll in AtMOSSC 4191 or GEOG 4191 should complete the following:

  • Research and seek out work or internship opportunities (Students are responsible for securing their own internship experience – see CAMPUS RESOURCES below.
  • Secure the work/internship position. Students should inform the supervisor of the intent to pursue internship credit and the need to complete learning objectives for the work experience and evaluate it.
  • Complete the ATMOSSC 4191/GEOG 4191 Enrollment Form – see DOCUMENTS FOR INFORMATION AND ENROLLMENT below.
  • Submit the completed Enrollment Form to the Geography Department Internship Coordinator, Dr. Ali Grandey, who will then approve or send back to you for revision processing the form and enrolling you in the course.

The deadline for Submission of the ATMOSSC 4191/GEOG 4191 Enrollment Form is 10 business days prior to the start of the term to allow sufficient time for instructor review and enrollment by start of term.


Internship Coordinator

If you have questions about submitting a work experience/internship for credit, please contact the undergraduate advisor for more information, Jocelyn Nevel.


Documents for Information and Enrollment

Download the form below for a fillable PDF.  Form must be typed for submission.

Campus Resources

Center for Career and Professional Success (ASC Career Success)

  • Access Handshake (OSU’s online database of internships and jobs)
  • Meet with a Career Coach to begin building career readiness competencies, identifying and mapping your career goals, and prepare for a lifetime of success!
  • Utilize workshops and career fairs to prepare and find an internship

To utilize the Center for Career and Professional Success effectively

  1. Have a resume review done during walk-in hours
  2. Set up a profile (with resume) on Handshake
  3. Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach (completed resume required)
  4. Engage with the numerous career preparation programs, networking events and career fairs offered


Career Counseling and Support Services

Younkin Success Center, 2nd Floor