Chairman O'Kelly's News Brief

May 25, 2018
Morton O'Kelly

Madhu Dutta's review of review of Andrew Herod’s new book on labor appeared in Antipode this week:

Geography and State Climatology Office of Ohio presented last Friday as moderators and speakers in the “Building Resilient Communities in a Changing Climate” forum held at the Fawcett Center. Jason Cervenec teamed up with Kate Bartter’s staff at the OEE to organize it; Bryan Mark served as moderator, Aaron Wilson gave a keynote overview on climate change impacts to Ohio, and Harvey Miller represented CURA on a panel speaking to ‘Climate Change and Public Infrastructure: Options for Adaptation.’ 

We are in the midst of a campaign to ensure timely compliance with the training for responsible conduct of research. Thanks the many of you who already completed. Those who had not completed by last Monday received an e-mail from me.
To make research proposals going forward, you will need to have passed this instructional based test. RCR training needs to be completed by June 15, 2018. For more information regarding this training requirement and answers to commonly asked questions please see, RCR

Photos from our recent Awards Ceremony have now been added to the news story from that event. Thanks to Jocelyn Nevel for the fine work with the camera.

A lot of progress has been made to the new Sharpe Innovation Commons in 0005 Derby Hall.
Here we have Geography staff in the newly overhauled room inspecting the progress.

New Facilities inspection by Geography Staff