Live Predictions of power outage to be caused by Hurricane Harvey

August 24, 2017
Hurricane Harvey power outage predictions

Department of Geography Professor Steven Quiring  is running a power outage model for TS/Hurricane Harvey. It looks like it will cause some trouble in Texas. For the most recent model output please visit the website below. The projections are updated every 6 hours throughout the event. We will be pushing updates to a website that is based on the most recent guidance from NHC. You can see the latest output here:

Experimental Tropical Storm Harvey Power Outage Forecasts

IMPORTANT CAVEAT :  The version of the model being run here does not explicitly consider outages induced by high rainfall or coastal surge. Rainfall in particular is likely to be a problem with this storm. Incorporating outages due to high rainfall and inland flooding remains an active area of research, but it is not incorporated into the version of the model used to generate the outage estimates.