Darla Munroe


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Interests: Human-Environment, Economic Geography, Land Change

Current Research: My academic background is in land economics and human geography, with a focus on human-environment interactions at a landscape level. I study how changes in land-use systems, such as urban conversion or shifts in agricultural production patterns, affect forests and forest characteristics. I am fascinated by land markets because they both reflect and direct land-use change. Within this framework, I also study the role of land institutions such as protected areas in enhancing and maintaining forest cover, as well as the role of conservation in shaping ongoing patterns of land conversion. Much of my research centers on the urban-rural interface, examining how changing connections between rural and urban systems manifest in changing forest cover.

Courses Taught:

Geography 2400-Economic and Social Geography
Geography 5401-Economy, Space, Society
Geography 5402-Land Use Geography
Geography 8109-Graduate Student Professionalization

Select Publications:
2015    Morzillo, A.T., C.R. Colocousis, D.K. Munroe, K.P. Bell, S. Martinuzzi, D.B. Van Berkel, M.J. Lechowicz, B. Rayfield, B. McGill. “Communities in the middle”: interactions between drivers of change and place-based characteristics in rural forest-based communities. Journal of Rural Studies 42:79-90. 

2014    Van Berkel, D.B., D.K. Munroe and C. Gallemore. Spatial analysis of land suitability, hot-tub cabins and forest tourism in Appalachian Ohio. Applied Geography. 54: 139-148.

2014    Munroe, D.K., K. McSweeney, J.L. Olson, and B. Mansfield. Using economic geography to reinvigorate land-change science. Geoforum. 52: 12-21.

2013    Munroe, D.K., D.B. Van Berkel, J.L. Olson and P.H. Verburg. Alternative trajectories of agricultural abandonment. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 5: 471-476.

Areas of Expertise
  • Human-Environment
  • Economic Geography
  • Land Change
  • Ph.D. 2000. Geography, University of Illinois Dissertation: Regional Variations in Polish Peasant Farming: Composed Error, Spatial Econometric and Spatial Interaction Techniques
  • M.A. 1995. Applied Economics, University of Michigan
  • B.A. 1993. Economics and International Affairs, Univer sity of Colorado

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