Yue Qin

Assistant Professor

Current Research:

My research focuses on exploring the coupled linkages between the natural system and human society, particularly for sustainable energy and agriculture systems. Some major areas include: 1) Evaluate the environmental impacts (air quality, human health, climate change, and water stress) of energy transition pathways; 2) Characterize the inertia of global water consumption and the resulting competition across economic sectors based on spatial analysis; and 3) Reveal the vulnerability of irrigated agriculture and energy system to climate change.

Courses Taught:

Geography 5229: Emerging Topics in ArcGIS: Modeling the Environment

Select Publications:

D. Tong, Q. Zhang, Y.X. Zheng, K. Caldeira, C. Shearer, C.P. Hong, Y. Qin, and S. J. Davis (2019), Committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5 °C climate target. Nature 572, 373-377. Full Article.

Y. Qin, N.D. Mueller, S. Siebert, R.B. Jackson, A, AghaKouchak, J.B. Zimmerman, D. Tong, C.P. Hong, and S.J. Davis (2019), Flexibility and intensity of global water use. Nature Sustainability 2: 515-523Full Article; Media Coverage: Nature Research HighlightNature CommunitiesUCI News

Y. Qin, L. Höglund-Isaksson, E. Byers, K.S. Feng, F. Wagner, W. Peng, and D. L., Mauzerall (2018), Air Quality-Carbon-Water Synergies and Trade-offs in China’s Natural Gas Industry. Nature Sustainability 1 (9): 501-508Full Article; Media Coverage: Nature communitiesPrinceton University PressIIASA press release

Y. Qin, F. Wagner, N. Scovronick, W. Peng, J. Yang, T. Zhu, K. Smith, D.L., Mauzerall(2017), Air quality, human health and climate implications of China’s synthetic natural gas development. PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1703167114. Full Article; Media Coverage:Phys.orgPrinceton University Press

Y. Qin, R. Edwards, F. Tong, D.L., Mauzerall (2017), Can switching from coal to shale gas bring net carbon reductions to China? Environmental Science & Technology 51 (5): 2554-2562. Full Article.

Y. Qin, S.D. Xie (2012), Spatial and temporal variations of anthropogenic black carbon emissions in China for 1980-2009; Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12(11). Full Article


Areas of Expertise
  • Coupled Natural and Human Systems
  • Food-Energy-Water Nexus
  • Air Quality-Human Health-Climate-Water Linkages
  • 2017 Ph.D., Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, Princeton University, NJ, USA
  • 2012 M.Sc. Environmental Science, First Class Honors, Peking University, Beijing, China
  • 2009 B.E., Environmental Engineering, First Class Honors, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
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