Undergraduate Student Profiles


John Banghoff - Alex McCarthy - Danny Berghoff - Tim Adams - Maegan Miller
Zach Paganini - Lainie Rini - Sara Santiago - Colleen Durfee

Weather baloon

John Banghoff 

(B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, 2015)
Interests: Tornado Debris Signatures, Communication of Weather Information, Outreach

“ … during the spring of my second year, I had the opportunity to go storm chasing in Oklahoma with several other undergraduates as well as professionals in the National Weather Service.  On that trip we were able to apply all we had learned in the classroom to determining the location of severe weather.  I saw my first tornado on Sunday and saw an EF5 tornado touch down from a mile away the very next day!  These real-world experiences helped translate classroom learning to practical applications.”


Alex McCarthy

(B.S. Atmospheric Sciences, 2015)
Interests: Using aircraft data to analyze the differences between continental and oceanic severe storms

“Every spring, Meteorology Club hosts our annual Severe Weather Symposium and invite speakers to talk about various topics in broadcast, public, and private sector meteorology. This gives students the opportunity to meet with the meteorologists we admire and learn more about topics that interest us. This past year, members of the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency attended our symposium, and I was able to make contacts which ultimately led to one of my best professional experiences to date – an internship with Delaware County EMA, where I helped the county to revise severe weather hazard plans, re-write wireless emergency alert procedures, and install personal weather stations.”



Danny Berghoff

(B.S. GIS, 2015)
Interests: Using aircraft data to analyze the differences between continental and oceanic severe storms.

“Through service learning opportunities in Geography, I partnered with a non-profit organization which uses GIS to explore the consequences of fracking in the Great Lakes region. As an intern at several different Columbus-based organizations, I also worked on projects to spur economic development in Columbus, restructure the Ohio State campus map, and plot road assets from all over the country.  A Geography field study course led me to Hocking Hills, Ohio to observe how human and physical geographies interact with each other, specifically acid mine drainage from the Hocking River. One of my most exciting and proudest accomplishments was studying abroad in Ghana. During that trip I focused on sustainable change, and worked with leaders of a small town as well as students from several different disciplines to use GIS on projects related to public health, housing development, and even recreational soccer.”


Tim Adams

Tim Adams

(B.A., Urban, Regional and Global Studies, 2014)
Interests: housing crisis, housing justice, urban development.

“ …. As a student in Geography, I gained wonderful experiences and learned new skills by completing an undergraduate research thesis … My adviser encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue opportunities that would help me develop not only my senior thesis but also myself as an engaged student.”


Maegan Miller

Maegan Miller

(B.A., Urban, Regional and Global Studies, 2013)
Interests: urban inequality and justice, public space, policing, homelessness.

“ …. outstanding faculty who were immensely committed to mentoring and supporting students … My professors exposed me to a broad range of theoretical perspectives and helped me to cultivate the writing and research skills necessary to conduct independent research as an undergraduate student.”


Zack Paganini

Zach Paganini

(B.A., Urban, Regional and Global Studies, 2015)
Interests: housing and justice, natural disasters, race.


“My fieldwork in Brooklyn was one of the most intense and rigorous academic experiences of my life; I spent my days touring town halls, public workshops, and meetings for a wide variety of organizations involved in Sandy recoveries; by night I went through the relevant literature, trying to square it with the qualitative data I was collecting in the field.”


Lainie Rinie

Lainie Rini

(B.A., Urban, Regional and Global Studies, 2015)
Interests: food deserts, community gardening, race, policing.


“ …professors in Geography have opened up their doors for questions and conversations and have been crucial in helping me”






Sara Santiago

Sara Santiago

(B.A., Environment and Society, 2013)
Interests: environmental and social justice.


“I was at the tail end of my sophomore year and still exploring which major I wanted to declare, so I asked to speak with a professor in Geography on the field and research. I distinctly remember her saying, ‘If you choose Geography, you won’t look back.’ She was right.”


Colleen Durfee

Colleen Durfee

(B.A., Environment and Society, 2015)
Interests: fracking, politics of energy.


“One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my undergraduate career was taking graduate seminars with core Geography faculty. These experiences pushed me intellectually further than I thought possible.”