Physical Geography and Climatic Studies Curriculums

Curriculum for Geography (BS): Physical Geography specialization

Geography with a specialization in Physical Geography is a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Therefore, the general education requirements for the BS degree apply to the major.

Major Requirements

To review the course work required for the Physical Geography major please click on the file below.

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General Education Requirements

Below is a link to the General Education Requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences.  Be sure to reference the document for the Bachelor of Science degree that is applicable to the Physical Geography major.

Arts & Sciences GE Curriculum


Curriculum for Geography (BS): Climatic Studies specialization

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PDF icon Climatic Studies Major Curriculum 4-2018.pdf


Required Prerequisites to the Major*

  • MATH 1151: Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
  • MATH 1152: Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
  • PHYSICS 1250: Introductory Physics: Particles and Motion
  • PHYSICS 1251: Introductory Physics: Electricity and Magnetism**
  • STAT 2450: Introduction to Statistical Analysis**

Required Courses (17 hours)

  • AS 2940: Basic Meteorology OR GEOG 5900: Climatology
  • GEOG 5921: Boundary Layer Climatology
  • GEOG 5922: Microclimatological Measurements
  • AS/GEOG 5940: Synoptic Meteorology Laboratory
  • GEOG 5941: Synoptic Analysis and Forecasting
  • GEOG 5942: Severe Storm Forecasting

Required Electives: Choose five (15-16 hours)

  • GEOG 2960: Introduction to Physical Geography OR GEOG 2800: Our Global Environment
  • GEOG 3900: Global Climate Change: Causes and Consequences OR GEOG 3901H: Global Climate and Environmental Change
  • GEOG 3980: Biogeography: An Introduction to Life on Earth
  • AS 5901: Climate System Modeling: Basics and Applications
  • AS 5950: Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • AS 5951: Dynamic Meteorology I
  • AS 5952: Dynamic Meteorology II
  • GEOG 5200: Cartography and Map Design
  • GEOG 5210: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 4101: Undergraduate Research and Professionalization Seminar
  • EARTHSCI 2206: Principles of Oceanography
  • EARTHSCI 4450: Water, Ice, and Energy in the Earth System

*Prerequisites are course specific. There are no prerequisites that must be completed before applying to the Climatic Studies specialization.

** Courses are not prerequisites for any of the Climatic Studies courses. They are supplements to the major and must be completed before graduation.

The General Education Requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree are available on the College of Arts and Sciences website.


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