Daniel Sui

Professor, ASC Distinguished Professor

Current CV: Download (PDF)

Interests: GIScience, Social Media, Volunteered Geographic Information, Health, and Security Implications of Climate Change

Current Research: My current research focuses on four areas: 1. GIS-based spatial analysis and synthesis for urban, environmental, and public health applications; 2. Volunteered geographic information and the use of social media as a new data source for geographic research; 3. Legal and ethical issues of using geospatial technologies in society; 4. Coupling of human and natural systems and security implications of climate change.

Courses Taught:

Geography 8200 - Frontiers in GIScience
Geography 8501 - Seminar on Spatial Organization of Cities
Geography 5224 - Emerging Topics in GIScience
Geography 5191 - Professional Development Seminar

Select Publications:

Sui, D.Z., 2014. Opportunities and impediments in open GIS.  Transactions in GIS 18(1): 1-24.

DeLyser, D. and D.Z. Sui, 2013. Crossing the qualitative-quantitative chasm II: Inventive approaches through big data, mobile method, and rhythmanalysis.  Progress in Human Geography 37(2): 293–305.

Zhang, X., J. B. Holt, H. Lu, S. Onufrak, J. Yang, S. P. French, D.Z. Sui, 2013.Neighborhood commuting environment and obesity in the United States: An urban–rural stratified multilevel analysis. Preventive Medicine (in press, published on-line in December 2013).

Caverlee, J., Z. Cheng, D.Z. Sui, and K.Y. Kamath, 2013.  Towards geo-social intelligence: Mining, analyzing, and leveraging geospatial footprints in social media.  Bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering 36(3): 33-41.

Sui, D.Z., 2012.  Looking through Hägerstrand’s dual vistas: towards a unified framework for time geography.  Journal of Transport Geography 23(3): 5-16. 

Sui, D.Z., Elwood, S. and M.F. Goodchild (eds.), 2012. Volunteered Geographic Information, Public Participation, and Crowdsourced Production of Geographic Knowledge. Berlin: Springer.


Areas of Expertise
  • GIScience
  • Social Media
  • Volunteered Geographic Information
  • Geography of Health
  • Security Implications of Climate Change
  • Ph.D ., 1993 Geography, University of Georgia
  • M.S., 1989 Institute of Remote Sensing & GIS, Peking University
  • B.S. (with high honor), 1986 Department of Geography, Peking University

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