Geography Speaker Series

The Department of Geography hosts a Speaker Series every year with stimulating geographic presentations from leading researchers in the field, intermingled with talks given by visiting scholars and OSU faculty. We feature two main Marquee Events each year in this series, the

Edward J. Taaffe Physical Geography Colloquium and the Robinson Cartography Colloquium

The Speaker Series is funded in part through the John Nelson Endowment and the alumni, faculty, and friends of the Ohio State Geography endowment.

PDF icon 2020-21 Speaker Series A World on Edge.pdf

Speaker Series: Our Presentations have switched to be Webinar Format, Please see each event for a ZOOM link. Generally conducted on Fridays from 3:30-5:00PM unless otherwise announced.



2020-21 Speaker Series

DateSpeakerLecture TypeTitleAffiliation
09/25/20Robyn WilsonColloquium SpeakerUnderstanding Climate Adaptation Decisions in the Eastern Corn BeltThe Ohio State University, SENR
10/16/20Brian JeffersonColloquium SpeakerComputerizing Carceral PowerUniversity of Illinois
10/30/20Sara SmithColloquium SpeakerThe Cene Scene: CenteringIndigenous and Black Environmental VisionsUNC-Chapel Hill
11/20/20Clio AndrisColloquium SpeakerSpatial Social Network Analysis: A Story of the American Mafia in the 1960'sGeorgia Tech
02/12/21Alyssa BattistoniColloquium SpeakerZero Carbon Democracy? State of Capital in the Age of Climate ChangeHarvard University
02/26/12Mary ThomasColloquium SpeakerTBDThe Ohio State University, WGSS
TBDThomas MoteColloquium SpeakerTBD 
TBDVijay PrashadColloquium SpeakerTBD 



2019-20 Speaker Series

DateSpeakerLecture TypeTitleAffiliation
10/18/19Youjeong OhColloquium SpeakerPDF icon Pop city Korean popular culture and the selling of place.pdfUniversity of Texas-Austin
10/25/19Max WoodworthFaculty PresentationPDF icon Picturing Ruin in Urban China.pdfThe Ohio State University
11/15/19Liang ChenColloquium Speaker

PDF icon Urbanization and Climate in China.pdf
PDF icon Dr. Liang Chen-Urbanization and Climate in China.pdf

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
01/24/20Yue QinFaculty PresentationPDF icon Air Quality, Climate, and Water Implications.pdfThe Ohio State University
01/31/20Sapana DoshiColloquium SpeakerPDF icon Racial Capitalism and the politics of Global Urbanization, A View from Mumbai.pdfUniversity of California, Merced
02/21/20Hongtao YiColloquium SpeakerPDF icon What drives the performance of collaboration networks.pdfJohn Glenn College, Ohio State
02/28/20Vinay GidwaniEdward ‘Ned’ Taaffe LecturePDF icon The Infrastructure of Values.pdfUniversity of Minnesota
04/03/20Yu LiuCANCELED Arthur Robinson Lecture CANCELEDPDF icon Big Geo-Data for an Urban China, Methods and Applications.pdfUniversity, Beijing



2018-19 Speaker Series

DateSpeakerLecture TypeTitleAffiliation
09/28/18Abdi SamatarTaaffe ColloquiumPDF icon Africas First Democrats.pdf

University of Minnesota

11/16/18Leo ZuluColloquium SpeakerPDF icon Prospects for Development in the Context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Africa-grown Initiatives.pdfMichigan State University
02/22/19Mara GoldmanColloquium SpeakerPDF icon Knowing Nature Otherwise? Changing Views from the East African PlainsUniversity of Colorado, Boulder

Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́

Faculty PresentationPDF icon Londoner, Americanah, Afropolitan: Three States of Being Global in African LiteratureThe Ohio State University

Lonnie Thompson

Robinson ColloquiumPDF icon Rapid Climate Change: Evidence from African Ice Fields and BeyondThe Ohio State University


2017-18 Speaker Series


DateSpeakerLecture TypeTitleAffiliation
09/15/17Steven QuiringFaculty PresentationPDF icon Drought and Land-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Climate.pdf

Professor of Geography
The Ohio State University

10/05/17Chris JusticeRobinson ColloquiumPDF icon Global Agricultural Monitoring: Detecting
the Impact of Extreme Climate Events
Prof., Chair, Geography
University of Maryland
11/16/17Karen O'BrienTaaffe ColloqiumPDF icon Is the 1.5°C Target Possible? Exploring the Dynamics of Deliberate Social Transformations.pdfProf., Sociology & Geography
University of Oslo
02/09/18Michael MannColloquium SpeakerPDF icon A Return to the Madhouse:  Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump.pdfProf., Dir., Earth Sys Science Ctr
Penn State University

Rinku Roy Chowdhury

Colloquium SpeakerPDF icon PDF icon Urban Climate Vulnerability Analysis for Sustainability Science.pdf
Associate Prof., Geography
Clark University

Previous Speakers
DateSpeakerLecture TypeTitleAffiliation
04/14/17Karen SetoArthur H. Robinson ColloquiumFuture Urban Expansion and Implications for Building Energy Demand and Global Croplands.School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University
03/03/17Nik HeynenTaaffe-Human ColloquiumAbolition Ecology and Racializing the Commons.Dept. of Geography, University of Georgia
10/21/16Elizabeth A. WentzOpportunity SpeakerImpact of Homeowner Association (HOA) Landscaping Guidelines On Residential Water Use.School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning
Dean of Social Sciences
Arizona State University
02/19/16Matthew ZookArthur H. Robinson ColloquiumSocializing Data: Mapping Culture and Governing Cities in the Era of Big Social Media [pdf]Dept. of Geography University of Kentucky
10/29/15Tania Murray LiTaaffe-Human ColloquiumLand’s End:Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier [pdf]Dept. of Anthropology University of Toronto
04/03/15Sallie MastonColloquium Speaker“Imagine the Impossible”: Science, Art, Transversality and the Cultivation of Creative Subjects [pdf]Professor, School of Geography and Development, Univ. of Arizona
03/27/15Melissa WrightTaaffe-Human ColloquiumMystical Modernity, Mapping Neoliberalism and Mexico’s “Disappeared” [pdf]Professor, Geography and Womens Studies, Pennsylvania State Univ.
02/27/15Mark CareyColloquium SpeakerGlaciers, Gender, and Science: Toward a Feminist Glaciology [pdf]Associate Professor, History & Associate Dean Honors College, Univ. of Oregon
02/13/15Xiang LiOSU-Visiting-ScholarSpatial Operational Research and Ots Application in Emergency Services [pdf]Professor & Associate Dean, School of Geographic Sciences, East China Normal University
01/16/15Vonu (Piyushimita) ThakuriahColloquium SpeakerData-Driven Public Transportation and Operations [pdf]Professor, School of Social & Political Sciences, Univ. of Glasgow
11/21/14Shih-Lung ShawRobinson Colloquium SpeakerBig Data, Human Dynamics and Space-Time GIS [pdf]Professor, Dept. of Geography, Univ. of Tennessee 
10/31/14Kendra McSweeneyOSU-Geography-Faculty PresentationGrounding traffic: embedding the cocaine commodity chain in spaces of transit [pdf]Associate Professor, OSU Geography 
10/24/14Michael BrownColloquium SpeakerThe Biopolitical Bar: Governmentality, Sexuality, and the Regulation of the Homosexual Tavern 1934-1971 [pdf]Professor, Dept. of Geography, Univ. of Washington 
10/17/14Darla MunroeOSU-Geography-Faculty PresentationThe Appalachian Ohio Forest Research Group (AOFRG) [pdf]Associate Professor, OSU Geography 
10/10/14Nancy EttlingerOSU-Geography-Faculty PresentationAccumulation by Desperation: Open Innovation, Open Networks, and the Predicament of Labor in the New Millennium [pdf]Associate Professor, OSU Geography 
09/26/14Piper GaubatzColloquium SpeakerDancing at Dusk: Public Space in Chinese Cities [pdf]Professor, Dept. of GeoSciences, Univ. of Massachusetts. 
09/12/14James TynerColloquium SpeakerViolence, Alienation, and the Transformation of Nature in Democratic Kamphuchea, 1975-1979 [pdf]Professor, Dept. of Geography, Kent State University 
04/04/14Mark FriedlRobinson ColloquiumCharacterizing the Sensitivity of Temperate Forest Growing Season Dynamics to Climate Change [pdf]Professor, Earth & Environment Department, Boston University 
03/21/14Becky MansfieldFaculty PresentationThe New Epigenetic Biopolitics of Environmental Health [pdf]Professor, OSU Geography 
02/28/14Kevin CoxFaculty Presentation and Book ForumMaking Human Geography [pdf]Professor, OSU Geography 
02/21/14Ola AhlqvistFaculty PresentationLife, liberty and the pursuit of scholarly excellence [pdf]Associate Professor, OSU Geography 
02/14/14Joseph FiskelColloquium SpeakerSustainability and Resilience: How EPA Pioneered a Systems Approach in New England [pdf]Executive Director, Center for Resilience The Ohio State University 
01/24/14Robert A. BindschadlerColloquium SpeakerWhat Ice Sheets Hate [pdf]NASA Emeritus Scientist, NASA-Goddard (Maryland) 
11/22/13Derek Van  Berkel & Hungshuo WangVisiting Scholars PresentationDr. Van Berkel: "Assessing the spatial heterogeneous variation in the use, mana gement, and plans for the forests in Appalachian Ohio". Dr. Wang: "Modeling forest responses to climatic variations in the Appalachian region" [pdf]Post Doctoral Fellows, OSU Geography 
11/16/13Nada MoumtazColloquium SpeakerBeyond Profit? Beirut's Inalienable Land Trusts under a Private Property Regime [pdf]Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University Near Eastern Languages & Cultures (NELC) & Comparative 
10/25/13David HarveyTaaffe ColloquiumCONTRADICTIONS OF CAPITAL [pdf]Distinguished Professor, Program in Anthropology City University of New York (CUNY) 
09/27/13Bryan MarkGeography Faculty PresentationHydrosocial transformation in an Andean waterscape: Implications for coupling human Variables with Climate-Glacier Runoff Models (Santa River, Peru) [pdf]Associate Professor, OSU Geography 
09/20/13Daniel SuiGeography Faculty PresentationRethinking geographic research and education in the age of open science [pdf]Professor & Chair, OSU Geography 
04/5/13Larry SmithRobinson Colloquium SpeakerTHE WORLD IN 2050: Four Forces Shaping Our Northern Future [pdf]Dept. of Geography, UCLA 
02/1/13Shaowen WangColloquium Guest SpeakerFrom Computational Geography to CyberGIS: The Geospatial Dimensions of Extreme Digital Transformation [pdf]Dept. of Geography University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
01/11/13Emily YehColloquium Guest ScholarFollowing the caterpillar fungus: Nature, commodity chains, & the place of Tibet in China's uneven geographies [pdf]University of Colorado at Boulder 
11/16/12Derek GregoryTaaffe Colloquium SpeakerDeadly Embrace: War, Distance and Intimacy [pdf]University of British Columbia 
10/12/12Sarah ElwoodColloquium Guest SpeakerNew Spatial Media, New Knowledge Politics [pdf]Dept. of Geography, University of Washington 
09/28/12Mytheli SreenivasColloquium Guest ScholarGoverning (Over) population: Famine, contraception, and empire in historical perspective[pdf]Dept. of History, The Ohio State University 
09/14/12Morgan RobertsonColloquium Guest ScholarThe Regulated Landscape: Water resources at the intersection of science, capital, and law[pdf]Dept. of Geography University of Kentucky 
05/31/12Mary ThomasFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesMary Thomas to Present her new Book, Multicultural Girlhood[pdf]The Ohio State University 
05/24/12Cynthia BrewerColloquium Guest ScholarMultiscale Design for The National Map of the United States[pdf]Pensylvania State University 
05/10/12Deborah CowenColloquium Guest ScholarRough Trade: Logistics Space from Military Art to Business Science[pdf]University of Toronto 
04/12/12Alan MacEachrenArthur Robinson Cartography LectureGeovisual Analytics: Leveraging place-relevant data to support health and safety[pdf]Pensylvania State University 
04/5/12Rebecca LaveColloquium Guest ScholarFree Range Science: Producing Scientific Expertise Outside the Academy[pdf]Indiana University 
03/15/12Katharyne MitchellTaaffe Human Geography LectureThe New Washington Consensus: Education and the Rise of PhilanthroCapitalism[pdf]University of Washington 
03/8/12Elvin WylyColloquium Guest ScholarAutomated (Post) Positivism[pdf]University of British Columbia 
02/10/12Jason BoxFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesGreenland ice sheet albedo feedback: thermodynamics and atmospheric driversDept. of Geography The Ohio State University 
01/26/12Aaron WolfColloquium Guest ScholarHealing the Enlightenment Rift: Rationality, Spirituality, and Shared Waters[pdf]Oregon State University 
01/20/12Ishan AshutoshFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesSouth Asian' in the Canadian Census and South Asian Identities in TorontoVisiting Scholar 
11/18/11Ryan FogtFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesThe Characteristic Variability and Connection to the Underlying Synoptic Activity of the Amundsen-Bellingshausen Seas LowOhio University 
10/27/11Jeremy CramptonColloquium Guest ScholarSpooks, Scholars and Secrets: Mapping Sciences at the Formation of America's First Spy Agency[pdf]University of Kentucky 
10/20/11Mark SerrezeTaaffe Physical Geography LectureThe Arctic's Shrinking Sea Ice Cover: Why Should I Care?[pdf]University of Colorado at Boulder 
10/14/11Ola Ahlqvist and Ulrik MårtenssonFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesPracticing geography-perspectives on global environmental change, development, geographic analysis, and (e-)learningOSU and Lund University 
09/30/11Joel WainwrightFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesClimate LeviathanDept. of Geography The Ohio State University 
05/5/11Kurt CuffeyTaaffe Physical Geography LectureIce, Sea Level, and Contemporary Climate Change[pdf]UC Berkley 
04/28/11Dawn ParkerGuest ScholarDo land markets matter? Exploring the effects of land market representation on land-use change projections using agent-based modeling[pdf]University of Waterloo 
04/7/11Michael BattyArthur Robinson Cartography LectureVisualising Cities Through Models, Maps and Machines[pdf]University College London 
02/3/11Julie GuthmanGuest ScholarEnvironmental toxins and fat bodies: toward a critical political ecology of obesity[pdf]UC Santa Cruz 
01/13/11Natalie OswinGuest ScholarQueer time in a developmental state: Family, futurity and global city Singapore[pdf]McGill University 
12/2/10Karen TillGuest ScholarReinhabitingPlace: Body Memory and Witnessing as Empathic Vision[pdf]Virginia Tech 
11/18/10Alec MurphyGuest ScholarStrategic Directions for Geographical Sciences in the Next Decade.[pdf]University of Oregon 
11/4/10Stuart EldenTaaffe Human Geography LectureThe Birth of Territory[pdf]Durham University 
10/21/10David BromwichGuest ScholarArctic Climate Change[pdf]The Ohio State University 
10/7/10Andrew ComrieGuest ScholarCatching Climate Fever: Diagnosing the Changing Environment of Infectious Disease[pdf]University of Arizona 
05/6/10Dan BrownRobinson LectureUnderstanding and Modeling of Exurban Land Change in Arthur H. Robinson Colloquium Southeastern Michigan[pdf]Univ. of Michigan 
04/29/10Paul RobbinsGuest ScholarProducing Wildlife: India's Conservation Areas as Territories of Prehension[pdf]University of Arizona 
04/22/10Sara FabrikantGuest ScholarDesigning Cognitively Inspired Displays for Effective and Efficient Spatio-temporal Inference Making[pdf]Univ. of Zurich 
04/8/10Bill MitschLocal ScholarWetlands as the Lost Carbon Sink?[pdf]OSU, Environment and Natural Resources 
02/25/10Erle EllisGuest ScholarAnthropogenic Biomes: Creating the Human Biosphere[pdf]Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County 
02/11/10Post-Doc SpeakersPost-Doctoral ResearchersChandana Gangodagamage and Nathan Stansell[pdf]The Ohio State University 
01/28/10Tom SwetnamTaaffe Physical Geography LectureClimate Change and Temperate Forests of the Western United States: Evidence of Rising Impacts?[pdf]University of Arizona 
11/12/09Jim GlassmanGuest ScholarGlobal Capitalism: A Love Story, a Tragedy, an Enigma[pdf]University of British Columbia 
10/29/09Mona DomoshGuest ScholarThe World Was Never Flat: Early Global Encounters and the Messiness of Empire[pdf]Dartmouth 
10/13/09Rob KitchinTaaffe Human Geography LectureSoft Cities: Software and the Remaking of the City [pdf]National University of Ireland, Maynooth 
05/21/09Undergraduate Research ShowcasePanel SessionMultiple, See Flyer [pdf]Geography, The Ohio State University 
05/15/09John AgnewTaaffe Human Geography Lecture/ CentenniMoney Games: Currencies and Power in World Politics[pdf]Geography, UCLA 
04/30/09Cindy FanGuest ScholarCircularity, Flexibility, and Security: Labor Migration and Split Households in China[pdf]Geography, UCLA 
04/9/09Marilyn BrownGuest ScholarThe Geography of Metropolitan Carbon Footprints[pdf]School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech 
02/19/09Harvey MillerRobinson LectureWhat about people in geographic information science?[pdf]Geography, University of Utah 
11/20/08Rickie SandersGuest ScholarStreets, Sidewalks, Alleyways: Urban Public Spaces[pdf]Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University 
10/23/08Alumni Professionals PanelPanel SessionSee Poster[pdf]Various Affiliations 
10/9/08Ellen Mosley-ThompsonTaaffe Physical Geography LectureUnique Insights to Earth's Climate History Preserved in its Cryosphere[pdf]Geography, The Ohio State University 
05/8/08Audrey KobayashiTaaffe Human Geography LectureSpace and Spatiality: Some critical moments in modern and postmodern geographyGeography, Quenn's University 
03/6/08Connie WoodhouseGuest ScholarColorado River Water: Past, Present, and Future?Geography & Regional Development, University of Arizona 
02/28/08Helen CouclelisRobinson LectureLandscape and Purpose: Modeling the human use of space in GISGeography, University of California Santa Barbara 
02/7/08Scott PrudhamGuest ScholarRichard Branson, the Entrepreneurial Capitalist Subject, and Notes on Performing Greening CapitalismGeography, University of Toronto 
01/17/08Geoff MannGuest ScholarThe Cultural Politics of Inflation in Post World War II Los AngelesGeography, Simon Fraser University 
01/3/08Doug AlsdorfGuest ScholarHow Much Water is on the Amazon Floodplain?Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University 
11/15/07Michael SamersGuest ScholarIslamic banking and finance: postcolonial political economy and the geography of purificationGeography, University of Kentucky 
10/11/07Mark GaheganGuest ScholarUtilizing Cyberinfrastructure to Support United Nations Disaster Relief EffortsGeography, Penn State University 
09/27/07Jonathan T. OverpeckTaaffe Physical Geography LectureClimate Change, Sea Level and Drought: Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference?Geosciences and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona 
05/25/06Paul BatesGuest ScholarHydrodynamic flood modelingUK Bristol University 
05/18/06Stewart A. FotheringhamRobinson LectureNew Ways of Looking at the World: A Sample of Research at the National Centre for GeocomputationNational University of Ireland 
04/20/06William PizerGuest ScholarPublic policy and the economics of climate changeResources for the Future, Washington DC 
03/30/06Neil SmithTaaffe Human Geography LectureAfter Iraq: Failed Endgames, Failing Globalizations, New Political GeographiesCity University of New York 
03/2/06Jeff McKenzieGuest ScholarReconstructing late Quaternary climate: Lacustrine archives from California and the American MidwestOSU Dept. of Geography 
02/23/06Lawrence GrossmanGuest ScholarChanging Colonial Policies and Discourses on Peasants and the Environment in the British Caribbean from the late 1800s to the 1940sVirginia Tech 
02/2/06Frank DavisTaaffe Physical Geography LectureSetting Conservation Priorities in Human Dominated EcosystemsUniversity of California at Santa Barbara 
11/10/05Robertson, ClaireGuest ScholarN/AOhio State 
10/27/05Cindi KatzGuest ScholarThe State Goes Home:Social Reproduction and the Terrors of Hypervigilance in Contemporary US ChildhoodCity University of New York 
09/29/05Nadine SchuurmanGuest ScholarDatabase ethnographies in support of extended metadata for non-spatial attributesSimon Fraser University 
04/28/05Jason BoxGuest ScholarA New Approach for Representation and Analysis of Complex Space-Time ProcessesOhio State 
04/21/05Keith ClarkeRobinson LectureN/AUniversity of California, Santa Barbara 
04/14/05Alan SaalfeldGuest ScholarMap Topology: Principles and PracticalitiesOhio State 
02/17/05Raymond BradleyTaaffe Physical Geography LectureHigh Resolution PaleoclimatologyUniversity of Massachusetts 
10/28/04Michael BrownGuest ScholarTo Make a Map: The Contradictory Consequences of Mapping Seattle's Lesbian & Gay Historical GeographyUniversity of Washington 
10/24/04Claire ParkinsonGuest ScholarSatellite Passive Remote Sensing of the Earth/Atmosphere SystemNASA Goddard Space Flight Center 
09/28/04Karl ZimmererTaaffe Human Geography LectureTrends in Global Conservation and DevelopmentUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison 
05/13/04Donna PequetRobinson LectureA New Approach for Representation and Analysis of Complex Space-Time ProcessesPennsylvania State 
05/6/04Kevin JohnstonGuest ScholarAnthropogenic Change, Population Dislocation, and the Collapse of Classic Maya Society: Paleoecological Evidence from Northern GuatemalaOhio State 
04/29/04Gerard ToalGuest ScholarReversing ethnic cleansing? The international community and human security in BosniaVirginia Tech 
02/5/04Steve WalshTaaffe Physical Geography LectureApproaches and Challenges for Characterizing Landscape Dynamics in Coupled Human-Natural SystemsUNC - Chapel Hill 
12/4/03Sudhir ThakurGuest ScholarRegional Science Research in India: Retrospect, Application and ProspectsOhio State 
11/13/03Larry BrownGuest ScholarChange, Continuity, and the Pursuit of Geographic Understanding: A Fieldwork EssayOhio State 
11/6/03Glen MacDonaldGuest ScholarGlobal Climate Change and the Arctic - 18th Century Explores, Missing Helicopters and the Lost Forests of SiberiaUCLA 
10/23/03Marc ArmstrongGuest ScholarA Role for Mobile Computing in Geographic EducationUniversity of Iowa 
10/2/03Sally HornGuest ScholarSediment Records and Environmental History in Costa RicaUniversity of Tennessee 
05/29/03Changshan WuGuest ScholarN/AOhio State 
05/29/03Ron McChesneyGuest ScholarN/AOhio State 
05/29/03AnneMarie BodaarGuest ScholarN/AOhio State 
05/22/03Eric SheppardRobinson LectureN/AUniversity of Minnesota 
04/24/03Carolyn MerryGuest ScholarUsing remote sensing data in engineering studiesOhio State 
04/10/03Don MitchellTaaffe Human Geography LectureThe Liberalization of Free Speech: Or, How Protest is Silenced in Public SpaceSyracuse University 
02/6/03Harvey MolotchGuest ScholarHow Place Makes Product: Art, Design, Development, and Good StuffUC-Santa Barbara AND NYU 
01/23/03Brent YarnalGuest ScholarIntegrated Regional Environmental Science: An Opportunity and Challenge for GeographyPennsylvania State 
12/5/02Bilal FarhanGuest ScholarA GIS-Based Approach for Delineating Market Areas for Park-and-Ride FacilitiesOhio State 
11/21/02Sara McLaffertyGuest ScholarGeographic Information and Community Health: Critical Insights from a Breast Cancer GISUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
11/7/02Antony OrmeTaaffe Physical Geography LectureFifty Years On: Retrospect and Prospect in GeomorphologyUCLA 
10/10/02Nicholas HoweGuest ScholarNorth Looking South: Narrative Cartography in Anglo-Saxon EnglandUC-Berkeley 
06/6/02Changshan WuGuest ScholarEstimating population distribution for transit planning using integrated GIS and RS technologiesOhio State 
05/23/02Mark McCordGuest ScholarImproving AADT and VMT Estimation with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and The National Consortium on Remote Sensing of Transportation - FlowsOhio State 
05/16/02Jennifer WolchTaaffe Human Geography LectureRegion by Design: Public Policy and the Making of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Southern California 
05/9/02Judith CarneyGuest ScholarRice and the African Diaspora in the Atlantic WorldUCLA 
04/25/02Scott GreeneGuest ScholarThe Development and Applications of Hot Weather/Health Watch Warning Systems Using Synoptic ClimatologyUniversity of Oklahoma 
02/28/02Fraser, AlistairGuest ScholarContradictions of the Capitalist State and Socialist Politics: The Case of the Scottish Socialist PartyOhio State 
01/31/02Lawrence BandTaaffe Human Geography LectureEcosystem approaches to urban watershedsUNC - Chapel Hill 
01/17/02Alan MacEachrenGuest ScholarGeovisualization and Geocollaboration to Support Data Exploration and Decision-Making: Human-centered foundationsPennsylvania State 
11/29/01Paula Ann HennonGuest ScholarHelping Hurricane Intensity Prediction by Exposing the Clouds in the Hurricane EyewallOhio State 
11/29/01Jill ColemanGuest ScholarOhio River Valley Winter Moisture Conditions Associated with the Pacific/North American Teleconnection PatternOhio State 
11/15/01Heidi NastGuest ScholarConcubines and Power: The Geo-politics of Fecundity in Agrarian StatesDePaul 
11/1/01Mark MonmonierRobinson LectureGIS, Racial Gerrymandering, and 'Expressive Harms': Can Geography Matter in Congressional Redistricting?Syracuse University 
10/23/01Ellen Mosley-ThompsonGuest ScholarDeciphering Earths Climate and Environmental History from Ice CoresOhio State 
10/11/01Basil GomezGuest ScholarSediments as Recorders of Natural and Anthropogenic Change: Waipaoa River Basin, New ZealandIndiana State University 
05/24/01Tara MaddockGuest ScholarThe Science and Politics of Water Quality RegulationOhio State 
05/24/01Chris HennonGuest ScholarA Probabilistic Real-Time Prediction Scheme for Tropical Cyclogenesis Over the Atlantic BasinOhio State 
05/24/01Tony GrubesicGuest ScholarUsing Points of Presence to Measure City Accessibility to the Commercial InternetOhio State 
05/10/01B.L II TurnerTaaffe Human Geography LectureContested Identities: Human-Environment Geography and Disciplinary Implications in a Restructuring AcademyClark 
04/26/01Daniel GriffithGuest ScholarThe Geographic Distribution Of Soil-Lead Concentration: Description And ConcernsSyracuse University 
04/19/01Jonathan PhillipsGuest ScholarFrom Laws to Lessons: Dealing With Uncertainty and Contingency in GeographyKentucky 
04/12/01Charles ReVelleRobinson LectureThe Richness of the Location Model; From Constantine to Lewis Carroll to the PresentJohns Hopkins 
02/15/01Jiyeong LeeGuest ScholarA 3D Object-Based Data Model for Representing Topological Relations in Urban Micro-Spatial EnvironmentsOhio State 
02/15/01Mark HornerGuest ScholarExcess Commuting: Analyses and ExtensionsOhio State 
02/15/01Sang-Il LeeGuest ScholarDeveloping a bivariate spatial association measure: An integration of Pearson's r and Moran's IOhio State 
02/8/01Melissa WrightGuest ScholarAsian Spies, American Motors And TheTime-Space Of ValuePennsylvania State 
02/1/01Peter CurtisGuest ScholarEstimating Net Ecosystem Production in a Northern Hardwood Forest: Meteorological vs. Plot-based Approaches to Measuring Annual Carbon StorageOhio State 
01/25/01Stephen HirtleGuest ScholarNavigation in Real and Virtual SpacesUniversity of Pittsburgh 
11/30/00Bruce RhoadsGuest ScholarIntegrating Physical and Human Geography withinthe Context of Watershed ScienceUniversity of Illinois 
11/16/00Brian RotmanGuest ScholarBook EndOhio State 
10/26/00Thomas VeblenTaaffe Physical Geography LectureHumans and Climatic Variation as Drivers of Vegetation Change in Northern Patagonia, ArgentinaUniversity of Colorado 
10/12/00Brad JokischGuest ScholarTransnationalism and the Ecuadorian Diaspora: ConceptualizingUniversity of Ohio 
09/28/00Fernando BoscoGuest ScholarSpatializing Social Movement NetworksOhio State 
09/28/00Bae-Gyoon ParkGuest ScholarLabor Regulation and Economic Change: A View on the Korean Economic CrisisOhio State 
09/28/00Joe WeberGuest ScholarBringing Time Back In: A Study on the Influence of Travel Time Variations and Facility Opening Hours on Individual AccessibilityOhio State 
05/11/00Cort WillmottTaaffe Physical Geography LectureN/AUniversity of Delaware 
04/11/00Michael WattsTaaffe Human Geography LectureN/AUC-Berkeley 
10/28/99Michael GoodchildRobinson LectureN/AUniversity of California, Santa Barbara 
05/13/99Susan HansonTaaffe Human Geography LectureN/AClark University 
04/15/99Tim OkeTaaffe Physical Geography LectureN/AUniversity of British Columbia, Vancover 
01/28/99Art GetisRobinson LectureN/ASan Diego State University 
11/30/99Kendra McSweeneyFriday Lunch Workshop SeriesN/AThe Ohio State University 


An official PDF version of our colloquium schedule can be downloaded here: PDF icon PDF icon 2018-19 Geography Speaker Series.pdf you have any questions, please contact our speakers committee.


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