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Great Basin research Experience - GBEX

GBEX (Great Basin research Experience) is an annual physical geography field research excursion to Great Basin National Park. Since 2006 faculty, staff and students from Geography have been conducting research in the Park in a number of areas including paleoclimatology, climate of montane environments, fire history, hydrology, water chemistry and high resolution mapping techniques. During the visit to the Park, GBEXers camp at the Wheeler Peak campground (elevation 10,000’) and spend about a week hiking to sites within the Park to service a network of temperature and humidity sensors, take water samples and carry out other activities as required by current research projects.

Feel free to browse through the pages on this site to get a better idea of what GBEX is like, the work we have done in the past and our current research projects.

For more information about GBEX contact Dr. Bryan Mark (Mark.9@osu.edu) or Jim DeGrand (DeGrand.1@osu.edu)