Geography is the study of the Earth as the home of humanity. Geographers use critical analysis, powerful technologies, and an integrative, holistic perspective to understand complex 21st century challenges.


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November 24, 2022
The Ohio State University
November 25, 2022
The Ohio State University
December 7, 2022
The Ohio State University
December 8, 2022
Virtual and in-person, National Academy of Sciences 2101 Constitution Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20418

Recent News

November 19, 2022

OSU Geography at Mansfield faculty member Stavros Constantinou leads the Geography of the European Union and the Challenges of Sustainability global education program course to Cyprus.


November 9, 2022

Students from Geography 5501: Urban Spaces in the global economy went for a field trip to Weinland Park to study the neighborhood changes and to interact with the long-time residents to learn…

November 4, 2022

The State Climatologist of Ohio position has been held for many years by various faculty in the OSU Department of Geography. Dr. Jeff Rogers filled this role for years until his retirement. And…

October 25, 2022

Geography 2800: Our Global Environment, Introduction to global environmental issues, including the interaction of physical and social factors in the causes of and strategies for ameliorating…

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