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We deal with more than just maps. We are a community of scholars who seek to understand the complex ways humans engage with and create places. We are fascinated by questions of weather, earth, and human movement around the globe. We connect physical science, social science, and the humanities to ask challenging questions and generate new knowledge.

Are you ready to map the future with us?

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July 26, 2024
The Ohio State University
July 29 - July 31, 2024
The Ohio State University
August 4, 2024
Jerome Schottenstein Center 555 Borror Drive Columbus, OH 43210
August 20, 2024
The Ohio State University

Recent News

The Science and Severity of Tornadoes is the title of a Now at Ohio State podcast featuring our Jana Houser who studies tornadoes and super cell thunderstorms.…

On June 6, Geography welcomed 100 elementary, middle, and high school teachers from Columbus City Schools. This event was part of a collaborative initiative involving Columbus City Schools,…

Jana Houser is our newest Martha L. Corry Faculty Fellow! Congratulations Jana on this prestigious appointment! The award provides $10,000 of funding annually for five years which can be used…

Representatives from American Electric Power visited the Sharpe Commons this Wednesday, April 25, to present a donation of a DJI drone with LiDAR equipment that can be used in a wide range of…