Alumni 2020-2029

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Use the links below to find alumni from the year you're interested in on this page.  Names with an asterisk * beside them indicate that the individual earned their degree in Atmospheric Sciences.


Name: Polina Berezina

Degree: MA
Advisor: Liu, Desheng
Title: Enhancing Hurricane Damage Assessment from Satellite Images Using Deep Learning.

Name: Bernard Hayman

Degree: MA
Advisor: Ettlinger, Nancy
Title: Community, Identity, and Agency in the Age of Big Social Data: A Place-Based Study on Literacies, Perceptions, and Responses of Digital Engagement.

Name: Sam Kay

Degree: PhD
Advisor: Woodworth, Max
Title: Uprooting People, Planting Trees: Environmental Scarcity Politics and Urban Greening in Beijing.

Name: Ning Zhang

Degree: PhD
Advisor: Quiring, Steven
Title: Soil Moisture Mapping in South Central United States by blending In-situ, Modeled and Remote Sensing Data

Name: Chen Zhao

Degree: PhD
Advisor: Quiring, Steven
Title: Impact of Initial Soil Moisture on the Accuracy of Runoff Simulation

Name: Yuxiao Zhao

Degree: MA
Advisor: Xiao, Ningchuan
Title: Multimodal and Multiobjective Routing Using 3D Networks: A Case Study of the Ohio State University Campus