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Student/Faculty Spotlight

We Feature Our Visiting Scholars, Derek van Berkel, Wei Su, Hongshuo Wang and Jonathan Cinnamon:


Derek van Berkel:

all4Derek is a Post-doc working with Darla Munroe on the Appalachian Forest project.
He is originally from Canada, but the last 7 years of my life have been spent in the European country of the Netherlands. There he received his master's degree in Human geography at Utrecht University. Dereks PhD research was split between Wageningen University and the VU University Amsterdam. His dissertation investigated different methods for understanding and analyzing spatial and temporal factors contributing to rural development and land use. A large component of this included discussing these factors with stakeholders. One of the more interesting studies he did included using photo-realistic manipulations of the landscape to discuss possible changes and development challenges with stakeholders. I also worked with agent-based models to better come to grips with processes of social change and how this influences landscape dynamics.

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