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Student/Faculty Spotlight

We Feature Our Visiting Scholars Wei Su, Xiang Li, Hong Yi, Sandro Jerônimo and Lisa Bhungalia:


Wei Su:

all4Wei Su is an associate professor in the department of GIScience, College of Information and Electrical Engineering at China Agricultural University in Beijing, China. She received her PhD in 2007 from the Beijing Normal University.  Wei's main research interests focus on applications of remote sensing techniques for environmental monitoring and natural resources management. She has published her work in International Journal of Remote Sensing, Advances in Space Research, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems and other leading journals. This year she will be a visiting scholar in our department (until January 2015).  During her stay at OSU, Wei Su is working with Daniel Sui and Desheng Liu on a project related to crowdsourcing and volunteered geographic information for remote sensing imagery analysis. She is located in Derby Hall room 1049A. You can reach her by email | su.482@osu.edu

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