Faculty Recognitions, Awards Honors and Presidencies

Recognizing Excellence National and International Awards

President Association of American Geographers

Edward J. Taaffe 1971-72
George J. Demko 1986-87
Lawrence A. Brown 1996-97
Pat Gober 1997-98
Victoria Lawson 2004-05
Kadivit Pandit 2006-07
John Agnew 2008-09

James R. Anderson Medal of Honor Association of American Geographers

Joel L. Morrison 1999

Honors Award Association of American Geographers

Edward J. Taaffe 1982
Lawrence A. Brown 1983
Emilio Casetti 1984
Kevin R. Cox 1985
John N. Rayner 1990
Duane Marble 1993
Edward J. Malecki 2004
Mei-Po Kwan 2011

AAG Lifetime Achievement

Lawrence A. Brown 2008
Jeffrey Rogers Climate Specialty Group 2009
Kevin R. Cox 2012

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Lawrence A. Brown 2001
Edward Malecki 2007
Mei-Po Kwan 2009
Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2011

Benjamin Franklin Medal

Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2012

Don David Prize

Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2008

National Academy of Sciences

Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2009

Fulbright Fellowship

Henry L. Hunker 1957
Howard L. Gauthier 1971
Edward J. Malecki 1993
Paul Robbins 1994
Darla Munroe 2012

Guggenheim Fellow

Lawrence A. Brown 1985
Kevin R. Cox 2001
Daniel Z. Sui 2009

Distinguished Mentor Award National Council for Geographic Education

Edward J. Taaffe 1983
Lawrence A. Brown 1996

Carl Mannerfelt Gold Medal/International Cartographic Association

Joel L. Morrison 2001

John Wesley Powell Award United States Geological Survey

Harold Moellering 1988


The Ohio State University Department of Geography

Founded 1907 Distinguished Awards and Recognition


Alumni Medalist Award

Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2007

Distinguished University Lecturer Ohio State University

Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2004

Distinguished Scholar Award Ohio State University

Lawrence A. Brown 1984
Emilio Casetti 1992
Kevin R. Cox 1997
Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2003
David H. Bromwich 2005

Distinguished Service Award Ohio State University

W. Randy Smith 1997
Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2005
Jay Hobgood 2010

Distinguished Staff Award Ohio State University

Linda C. Bryant 2000
James DeGrand 2011

Distinguished University Professor Ohio State University

Lawrence A. Brown 1996
Kevin R. Cox 2003
Ellen Mosley-Thompson 2010

Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award Ohio State University

S. Earl Brown 1967
George Demko 1973
W. Randy Smith 1990
Lawrence A. Brown 1993
Jay Hobgood 1996
William V. Ackerman 1999
Paul Robbins 2003
Kendra McSweeney 2005
Joel Wainwright 2011

Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor

Becky Mansfield 2010
Kendra McSweeney 2012

Honorary Degrees Ohio State University

Arthur H. Robinson Hon D Sc 1984
Torsten Hagerstrand Hon D Sc 1986
E. Willard Miller Hon D Sc 1997
David Harvey 2004
Tiruvarur Lakshmanan 2006

Bob & Mary Reusche Chair Fund

Harvey J. Miller

Lawrence A. Brown Faculty Fellow

Kendra McSweeney 2005
Jason Box 2006
Bryan Mark 2007
Darla Munroe 2007
Mat Coleman 2009
Ningchuan Xiao 2009
Desheng Liu 2011
Mary Thomas 2012
Alvaro Montenegro 2014
Max Woodworth 2016
Kenneth Madsen 2017

Martha L. Corry Faculty Fellowship

Mei-Po Kwan 2006
Ed Malecki 2011
Bryan Mark 2017








Distinguished/Chaired Professors


Fellowship Honors