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Dr. Jana Houser wins College of Engineering award

April 19, 2024

Dr. Jana Houser wins College of Engineering award

Balasubramaniam Shanker (Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jana Houser, and Giorgio Rizzoni (Director, Center for Automotive Research; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Congratulations to Dr. Jana Houser who found time between consulting on the new Twisters film (in theatres on July 19) and building her $1.75 million radar truck to be honored last night with a Distinguished Faculty Award from the College of Engineering! Jana received the Building Bridges Excellence Award for her “excellence and accomplishment in the development and implementation of collaborative activities and programs” between CoE and Arts and Sciences. Thanks to Engineering for hosting us for the night and congratulations to the other awardees.

Jana Houser with College of Engineering Award