Emilio Casetti

January 12, 2018
Emilio Casetti

We are sad to report the passing of our dear friend and colleague Emilio Casetti. Emilio was an exceptionally influential member of the department, and my personal memories are of a very serious, deep thinker. He had a sharp legal mind. Emilio was also an Editor of Geographical Analysis during a key phase of its growth. Emilio has used Research Gate to stay remarkably active in the past years:

John and Valerie Rayner have stayed close to Emilio and Gabriella these past years and have many fond memories. We will however be pleased to collect notes or thoughts in Memoriam. All our sympathies to Gabriella.

Here is a very brief bio: Dr. Casetti joined the Department in 1963, and retired as an Emeritus Professor in 1993. He was recognized with AAG Honors in 1984, and as a Distinguished Scholar at Ohio State in 1992. During his distinguished career, he guided many graduate students and has a remarkable record of success through their subsequent careers. Here is a list of PhD grads; in addition there were many MA grads. We will be making an effort to send this note onto our alumni who will surely wish to remember Emilio. I'm sure colleagues will appreciate the depth of his contribution. We will develop a lengthier tribute in due course.

Keith Semple

Darrick Danta

Sent Visser

Killian Ying

Grant Thrall

JP Jones

Forrest Williams

Yo Bin Ho

Gerald McCalden

Clayton Kie

John Odland

Young Ok Kang

Ayse Can

Jessie Poon

Cindy Fan

Kyoko Tanaka

Stuart Foster

Steven Banks

Kavita Pandit

Robert Gross


Jenny Zorn


Per Emilio’s explicit wishes, there will be no memorial service.


Morton O'Kelly Chair Dept. of Geography The Ohio State University