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Emma Maher wins $11,500 for undergraduate research!

April 23, 2024

Emma Maher wins $11,500 for undergraduate research!

Photo of Emma Maher

Congratulations to Emma Maher, a third-year honors student double majoring in Geography (Urban, Regional, and Global Studies) and International Studies (Globalization) with a minor in Spanish! Emma has won a total of $11,500 for her innovative undergraduate research project titled ‘Extreme heat, urban experimentation, and visions of past futures in Seville, Spain’.

Emma’s project looks at a micro-regional air-cooling pilot project named Cartuja Qanat located on Isla de La Cartuja which, as Emma notes in her proposal, “has turned the site into an ecological enclave, a policy testbed, and a window through which the city of Seville and its partners project visions about its identity and climate-impacted futures”. Emma’s fieldwork, which she will undertake this summer, includes interviews with key stakeholders and primary and secondary literature analysis. Emma’s fieldwork is covered by Ohio State’s IRB.

Emma won a $5,500 Undergraduate Research Scholarship from the College of Arts and Sciences, $5,000 from the Summer Research Opportunities Program, and an additional $1,000 International Research Grant from the College of Arts and Sciences. Max Woodworth is Emma’s advisor on the project. Well done, Emma!