Seed Grant Application

The Gary and Connie Sharpe Innovation Commons in the Department of Geography is an interdisciplinary research area designated for the interaction of geography students encourage innovation in the discipline.

The Seed grants are designed to provide funding for students to facilitate their research and engagement. There are several elements that are key for the awarding of these seed grants. The first is that the focus of the researcher or research team be built around students, both undergraduates and graduates. The second is that the research being done is interdisciplinary. This can be across Geography or across campus. The third is that the research being done must demonstrate innovation in the field.

Deadline extended:  Applications for Spring awards are due by 8am on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.  This is an update to application document.

A complete application should include a cover page and Sharpe Innovation Commons Seed Grant Application.doc

Submit all materials as a single PDF attachment with a file name of "SP19_project" to the following BuckeyeBox email address: