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Geography Majors

Air Transportation Studies

Students in Air Transportation Studies (ATS) are provided a broad understanding of how aviation affects and is affected by social forces like the economy, international affairs, the physical environment and government policy.

Atmospheric Sciences

The Atmospheric Sciences Program (ASP) is designed to provide students with a basic foundation in the physical principles, theory, methodological skills, and applications central to the disciplines of meteorology and climatology. We seek to produce scholars and scientists able to perform academic research work of the highest quality.

Environment and Society

Research and teaching in this area emphasizes that the human relationship to the environment can be biological, economic, political, physical, cultural, chemical and social. Students enrolled in Environment and Society (E&S) will become familiar with relevant theories in human and physical geography, appropriate methods of inquiry, and case studies of environmental challenges.

GIS and Spatial Analysis

Students in the GIS and Spatial Analysis track will receive extensive exposure to GIS and Spatial Analysis software. Hands-on experience in questions of interest to the student is an important part of the curriculum.

Physical Geography and Climatic Studies
Students in Physical Geography and Climatic Studies (Formerly known as ACS) are introduced to the theoretical bases for atmospheric processes operating on multiple scales and their applications to specific phenomena. Students may choose to pursue a degree in Geography or Atmospheric Sciences.

Urban, Regional and Global Studies

Student training in Urban, Regional and Global Studies (URGS) will emphasize the spatial differentiation and organization of political, social, cultural and economic activity. Students enrolled in the URGS specialization will become familiar with a wide array of geographical theories and theoretical controversies, engage with a wide range of up-to-date case studies, and develop the skills necessary to employ a variety of research methodologies.