Chairman O'Kelly's News Brief

October 6, 2017

Together with his student and a team of collaborators, Zhengyu Liu published his first paper with OSU affiliation in the October 2nd issue of Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences. (Jiaxu Zhang is now a postdoc at a DOE lab.) The paper studies Atlantic water transport during the last deglaciation:  Simulations of Atlantic Ocean circulation during the last deglaciation suggest that in response to glacial meltwater influx, transport of North Atlantic Deep Water almost completely halted while Antarctic Bottom Water transport decreased only moderately, leading to greater deep water warming in the North Atlantic than in the South Atlantic. This could account for the observed difference in oxygen isotope composition of sea floor calcite from this time-period between the North and South Atlantic.

At the 6th Paleo Model Intercomparison Meeting (PMIP 6), Zhengyu Liu gave an invited talk on “The response of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation to climate forcing: past, present and future.” The meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 25-29.

We circulate weekly updates on job postings and there has been a recent flurry of activity.

Thanks again to all for participation (Thursday) in the successful Robinson Marquee Colloquium. I’m sure all will agree that we heard an expert presentation by Professor Chris Justice from the University of Maryland.