Forrest Schoessow Featured on Japan's "Bill Nye the Science Guy" Show

February 9, 2018
Forrest in Japan

Forrest Schoessow (Bryan Mark adviser) was featured on Japanese national television this week on the much-loved show "Denjirou" which is essentially like Japan's "Bill Nye the Science Guy." The show features Denjirou Sensei, a famous Japanese scientist. The theme was scientists from around the world. Forrest had posted 3000v high voltage traveling arc (AKA Jacob's ladder), and was asked to appear on the show to explain the experiment. They expanded the conversation to explain research here at Ohio State and at the Byrd Center in a science education and outreach segment. We will try to post the footage and there will be a screen shot or two to show this is true! Nicely done Forrest. This is the kind of great publicity we dream of – thanks for bringing the Geography Department to a new audience.

Forrest in Japan pic 2

Forrest in Japan pic 3

Forrest in Japan pic 1