Madhumita Dutta

Madhumita Dutta

Madhumita Dutta

Assistant Professor, Faculty Affiliate, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.


1178 Derby Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Labor Geography
  • Gender
  • Politics of Development


  • Ph.D., 2016, Geography, University of Durham, UK.
  • M.Sc.,1994, Environmental Science, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • B.Sc.,1992, Delhi University, Delhi, India.

Current CV:


Interests:  Labor, gender, politics of development, South Asia, creative methodologies.

Current Research: My interests are in the everyday politics of labor, life stories of workers, women and work.

Courses Taught: 

GEOG 2400: Economic and Social Geography
GEOG 5501: Urban Spaces in the Global Economy
GEOG 5802: Globalization and Environment

Select Publication:

Nowak J, Dutta M, and Birke P (eds). 2018.  Workers' Movements and Strikes in the Twenty-First Century: A Global Perspective. Rowman & Littlefield International.


Bhaskaran, S., Dutta, M., Naidu, S.  2021. Flattening the Curve or Flattening Life? Public Service Announcements in the Pandemic Economic & Political Weekly

Dutta, M. 2021 Becoming ‘active labour protestors’: women workers organizing in India’s garment export factories Globalizations

Dutta, M. 2020. Workplace, emotional bonds and agency: Everyday gendered experiences of work in an export processing zone in Tamil Nadu, India, Environment and Planning A

Dutta, M. 2019. ‘Becoming’ factory workers: understanding women’s geographies of work through life stories in Tamil Nadu, India, Gender, Place & Culture.

Dutta, M. 2019. Turning Productive Failures Into Creative Possibilities: Women Workers Shaping Fieldwork Methods In Tamil Nadu, India. Geographical Review

Dutta, M. 2016. Place of life stories in labour geography: why does it matter? Geoforum, Vol. 77, 1-4.

Dutta, M. 2016. The Nokia SEZ Story: Economy of disappearances. Economic & Political Weekly. Vol. L1 (51), 43-51.


Global Labour Studies in the Pandemic: Notes for an Emerging Agenda

Book review symposium:

Antipode book review symposium organized by Madhumita Dutta Stories from a Migrant City: Living and Working Together in the Shadow of Brexit


Sourcing Dynamics, Workers’ Rights, and Inequality in Garment Global Supply Chains in India by Dr. Mark Anner in collaboration with Dr. Madhumita Dutta, November 2019
This report has argued that apparel global supply chains are characterized by growing power imbalances between finance capital and buyers that sit at the top of the chains and the suppliers and their workers at the bottom. The model suggests that buyers squeeze suppliers on price and suppliers squeeze workers on wages and working conditions. What this study found was considerable evidence of a price squeeze. Indeed, for products exported to the US since 1994, there has been a 63 percent decline in the real dollar price per unit paid by US buyers to Indian suppliers. Read on:

Good Land: Bad Bank - Deadlocking valuable land in unproductive industrial land banks in India. January 2019.