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Jay Hobgood

Jay Hobgood

Jay Hobgood

Emeritus Faculty


(614) 292-3999

1100 Derby Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Tropical Cyclones
  • Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Climatology


  • Ph.D. 1984 , Geography, Ohio State University
  • M.A. 1976, Geography, Ohio State University
  • B.A. 1974, Geography, Ohio State University

Current CV:  



Interests: Meteorology, Tropical Cyclones, Intensification

Current Research: The primary focus of my research is an attempt to determine the triggers for rapid intensification of tropical cyclones. I am also interested in the more fundamental question of how tropical cyclones form and what differentiates them from other types of cyclones. I am currently finishing a study of the windstorm caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ike over the Ohio River Valley in 2008.

Courses Taught:
Atmospheric Sciences 2940-Basic Meteorology
Atmospheric Sciences 5940-Synoptic Meteorology Laboratory
Atmospheric Sciences 5950-Atmospheric Thermodynamics
Atmospheric Sciences 5951-Dynamic Meteorology I
Atmospheric Sciences 5952-Dynamic Meteorology II
Atmospheric Sciences 8900-Seminar on Hurricanes

Select Publications:
Kruk, M.C., Hennon, P.A., Gibney, E,J., Hobgood J. and J. Weyman, 2011. [Tropics] Tropical cyclones 3) eastern north pacific basin (in. State of the Climate in 2010.], Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 92, S121-S123.

Hobgood, J., 2011. Climate change, climate models and geoengineering the Earth. Pp 2185-2200 in S.D. Brun (ed.), Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Megaengineering Projects.. Springer Science & Business Media.

Law, K., and J.S. Hobgood, 2007. A statistical model to forecast short-term hurricane intensity. Weather and Forecasting, 22, 967-980.

Hennon, C., Marzban C., and J.S. Hobgood, 2005. Improving tropical cyclogenesis statistical model forecasts through the application of a neural network classifier. Weather and Forecasting, 20, 1073-1083.

Hobgood, J.S., 2003. The maximum potential intensity of tropical cyclones near Socorro Island Mexico, Weather and Forecasting, 18, 1129-1139.