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Code of Conduct

Department Code of Conduct


We are a group of scholars, teachers, students, staff, coworkers, supervisors / subordinates, and colleagues. Our collective success depends on how well we work together, and abuse or mistreatment of any of us is corrosive to the whole.

All of us deserve a working and learning environment that is free from harassment and hostility, including but not limited to sex, gender, and racial discrimination.

We are all entitled to bodily integrity at all times. Any inappropriate or unwanted comments, touch or sexual or romantic advances are not acceptable.

It is never appropriate to vent frustrations by demeaning, threatening or verbally abusing another, in person or online (e.g., through social media). Yelling at or intimidating others are examples of actions that diminish our workplace and will not be tolerated.

We expect that everyone will model appropriate behavior in all circumstances. Appropriate behavior means using good judgment and committing to acting in ways that preserve each individual’s sense of dignity, safety and bodily integrity.

Everyone, no matter who they are, will be held to these standards. Within academia, there is an implicit and explicit hierarchy (student-supervisor-professor-chair-dean, etc.). These hierarchies make it harder for us to speak up and demand respect, particularly due to fear of retribution. Our university has strict anti-retribution policies in place, and as a department we commit to supporting and doing what we can to protect anyone who comes forward.

If you have witnessed or been the target of any inappropriate behavior, please talk to your supervisor or departmental leadership. We will work together to address any problems proactively.