Chairman O'Kelly's News Brief

December 27, 2017

A new book co-edited by Ola Ahlqvist and Christoph Schlieder, entitled Geogames and Geoplay: Game-based Approaches to the Analysis of Geo-Information, has just been published by Springer.

A new book co-edited by Madhu Dutta has been announced by Rowman & Littlefield International. The co-edited book (part of Transforming Capitalism series) is under production right now. Besides co-editing the volume, Madhu has a chapter in the book and also have co-written the introduction with the other editors. The book will be formally launched at an event at the AAG 2018 by RLI.

Sam Kay tells me that he and Lili Wang reunited this past weekend in Nanjing for a workshop hosted by Chen Hao, another critical urban scholar based there. Sadly they lacked the quorum for a proper O-H-I-O photo. Great to hear news from our Alumni and Graduate Students.
Sam Kay

Congratulations to Morteza Karimzadeh who successfully defended his PhD Dissertation at Penn State earlier this month.

Here is a list of our recent graduates – congratulations and well done to all!



Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences

Tyler Fadorsen

Bachelor of Arts

Andrew Bollenbacher


James Lockhart

Bachelor of Arts

Ryan Cabral


Katherine Nelson

Bachelor of Science

Cameron Kirk


Joshua Rankin

Bachelor of Arts

Stephen Maldonado


Nicholas Reeves

Bachelor of Arts

Kevin Oravecz




John Schaub


John Steponick




Air Transportation Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science

Robert Bower


Ruoran Cheng


Yeun Choi


Jesse Franks


Andrew Dimick


Jacob Henkel


Jason Istre


Fahim Hossain


Alexander McCord


Lindsay Hostetler


Matthew Merkhofer


Deston Howard


Dallas Miller


Viktor Karakay


Robert Olejniczak


Joseph Lataster


Brett Sloan


Madelyn Onweller


Siim Vakkur


Andrew Pang


Brian Roberts



Enjoy the holiday break – depending on news we may have a week off here – but please do share any items of interest.