The Derbsters Softball team.

August 14, 2015
The Derbsters

Last night, a multidisciplinary team of grad students and professors won the recreational division of this year's Geeks Softball League.

Congratulations to Rae Choi

August 12, 2015
Rae Choi

Please join us in congratulating Rae Choi, who defended her dissertation yesterday afternoon. Her research is on Governing Coastal Space in East Asia.

Congratulations to Muzi Feng

July 21, 2015
Muzi Feng

We are pleased to report that Muzi Feng passed her MA exam today.
Her thesis is entitled: “An Exploration in Airport Market Share and Accessibility with Twitter.”
The committee was Harvey Miller, Ningchuan Xiao, and Morton O’Kelly (advisor).

Congratulations To Ryan Crumley

July 15, 2015
Ryan Crumley

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Crumley successfully defended his thesis, “A Synoptic Snapshot of the Shullcas River Watershed in Peru: Glacier Melt Contribution to Stream Discharge and Investigating Climate Change in a Glacierized Landscape.” His committee included Kendra McSweeney, Alvaro