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Are you interested in how people relate to the natural environment? Whether you are looking for a single course, a minor, or a major, the Environment and Society program in Geography is the place for you!

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We combine perspectives and methods from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities to provide an integrated approach that highlights the inseparability of social and natural processes. Having studied interactions between humans and the environment for over 150 years, geographers provide a unique perspective on environmental change, sustainability, and justice.

The Environment and Society program in geography includes coursework and opportunities for service learning and research across all our specializations, including Geographic Information Science (GIS) and spatial analysis, human geography, and physical geography. We have over 20 faculty members with wide-ranging expertise in areas including:

  • Global environmental change, socio-ecological systems, and environmental modelling
  • Climate change and climate justice
  • Race and nature
  • Sustainability, sustainable cities, and sustainable development
  • Environmental justice, inequality, and vulnerability
  • Land change science
  • Globalization and environment
  • Conservation
  • Environmental health
  • Political ecology and the politics of nature
  • Capitalism and nature
  • Environmental governance, policy, and regulatory science
  • Forests, wetlands, oceans, glaciers, agro-food systems
  • Fossil fuels and petrochemicals
  • Waste and pollution
  • Hazards and disasters
  • Ideas about humans and nature
  • Mixed methods including spatial analysis, remote sensing, ethnography, policy analysis, field-based measurement, and science studies.

Sustainability at Ohio State

noun: sustainability

  1. the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
    "the sustainability of economic growth"
    • avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.
      "the pursuit of global environmental sustainability"

Geography Majors emphasizing Sustainability



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