News Brief from our Chair Darla Munroe

January 10, 2020
At the AGU with Ellen Lonnie Stacy and Emilie

Geographers at the AGU meetings. From left to right, Lonnie Thompson (School of Earth Sciences), Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Stacy Porter (PhD ASP, 2013) and Emilie Beaudon (Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center). Photo credit: Bryan Mark

Faculty News: 

Kendra McSweeney was in Antigua, Guatemala to attend the most recent Conference of Latin American Geographers meeting.

Student News: 

Katie Krupala (PhD student, Geog) has a paper in the most recent issue of Human Geography, The Evolution of Uneven Development in Dallas, TX.

Several students attended the Fall 2019 American Geophysical Union meetings in San Francisco. Among them was Emilio Mateo (PhD student, Geog) who presented a poster on his dissertation research on debris covered glaciers in Peru. He also chaired a 100 year perspective on the cryosphere session, in his capacity as student member (and social media lead) on the executive committee for the Cryopshere Specialty Group.

Nischay Soni (BS student in Engineering) presented on collaborative drone mapping from the Great Basin research group, with Forrest Schoessow (PhD student, Geog) as co-author. Nischay had funding for the travel to AGU as winner of a 2019 Garry McKenzie & Henry Brecher Undergraduate Scholarship.

Alumni News:

Patrick Burns (BS Geog, 2010), who took part in the Great Basin Research Experience (GBEX) back in 2008, also met up with current students and faculty at the fall American Geophysical Union meeting. He obtained an MS from Oregon State University ("the other OSU") mapping glaciers with satellite imagery. After a short stint in industry, he is now back in academia as a research scientist at the University of Northern Arizona and an expert in aerial LIDAR mapping.

Jeff Gunderson (MA Geog, 2019) was also in attendance at the AGU meetings. He is now working as an environmental consultant in the San Francsico Bay area.

Upcoming Events:  

Our first speaker of the semester is our own Yue QinAir Quality, Climate, and Water Implications on Friday, January 24th at 3:30 pm, Derby 1080


Darla Munroe
Professor and Chair