News Brief from our Chair Darla Munroe

April 3, 2020
Jacob Ferrell won third place at 2020 Denman

Jacob Ferrell won third place in the category, Human Experiences at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum in early March for "Historicizing Change in 20th Century Belizean Political Economy" Mentored by Joel Wainwright.

Faculty News: 

Elisabeth Root is working with the Infectious Diseases Institute (team members Greg Rempala and Joe Tien) to produce small area estimates of COVID-19 surge potential for hospitals around the state for the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Hospital Association. Her work includes cluster analysis of the cases, and examination of the role of cities in transmission potential and spread of coronavirus. The team has recently briefed Dr. Amy Acton and Governor Mike DeWine on their findings. 

Elisabeth's geographic and spatial analytic perspective sheds light on how the epidemic could affect local hospital capacity. The web-based maps that Elisabeth and her team have produced will be used by the Ohio National Guard to guide deployment of resources and people around the state.

Student News: 

Sam Kay successfully defended his PhD dissertation this week. His thesis is titled "Uprooting People, Planting Trees: Environmental Scarcity Politics and Urban Greening in Beijing.” Committee members include Becky Mansfield, Kendra McSweeney, and Alana Boland (University of Toronto), and Max Woodworth (advisor).

CURA - OSU Libraries StoryMaps Workshop:

The Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) and OSU Libraries transformed what was to be a face-to-face training for StoryMaps, an accessible tool for research and teaching, into an asynchronous module. More information.

2019-2020 Arthur G. Robinson Speaker:

Yu Liu, Peking University, was our selected Robinson speaker rounding out the 2019-2020 series on Urban Asia. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented his visit to the department, but he and Yaoli Wang penned this blog post for us this week, "A Geospatial Perspective of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak."


Darla Munroe
Professor and Chair