Chairmans News Brief

May 27, 2016

Faculty are actively using this early summer period to pursue research travel and to compete for grants for their work.
Kendra McSweeney traveled 12-20 May to Tegucigalpa the capital of Honduras.

Research Gate Site for OSU Geography

May 27, 2016
Research Gate

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The department already has a very healthy and vibrant presence on Research Gate, and that is without many even trying to nurture the links and store / upload data:

Congratulations to Chris Hartmann

May 24, 2016
Chris Hartmenn

Please join us in congratulating Chris Hartmann, who successfully defended his dissertation Monday May 23'rd. His research is on postneoliberal public health, environment, and development in Nicaragua and Latin America.

Chairman's News Brief

May 20, 2016

As many will know, we have begun to remodel Derby 1070 which is a Graduate Student area. This and the remodel of Derby 0135/0150 represent a considerable upgrade in the facilities of the department.